Ecopia promotes products that will have minimal impact on the environment

You'll love our popular solar chargers because they are really useful alternative to throw-away batteries and the inconvenience of finding an AC power outlet, plus they allow you the freedom to use clean free energy to recharge your phone or personal device in remote areas.
It's also important to use less energy so we also provide energy efficient led lights for camping and outdoors, great for using with any 12 volt solar power.
Another important thing is to promote recycled products, we have an innovative fly swatter made entirely  from tough and durable recycled products. On the subject of pest control, In order to reduce toxic waste we advocate the the use of non-toxic pest control, like the popular envirosafe fly traps.

Contact us If you do not find the particular eco product you want and we'll try to get it for you, by finding a new eco product you will be helping us to provide a better service.

 Solar Power for Camping Caravan Boating Fishing Walking Hiking
Solar power for camping & caravan Solar chargers to recharge your phone Portable solar panels for camping LED torches with bright beams Solar lights to illuminate the dark
Solar panels to recharge 12V batteries Solar regulators for optimising charging Eco friendly non-toxic fly traps Universal mobile phone chargers 12V Led lights are bright and efficient

Solar Power for Camping Caravan Boating Fishing Walking Hiking